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“ I don't divide architecture, landscape and gardening;
to me they are one. ”
 – Luis Barragan

Outerspaces Inc. is the regions premier designer and builder of landscape architectural elements, swimming pools, fountains and outdoor living spaces.

     Our philosophy is founded in the timeless principles of order and proportion; we create meaningful spaces that are based in aesthetic and functional integrity. We craft every detail; we believe it is within these small moments of clarity that the soul of a project lives. We embrace all contexts, from classically ornate to modern minimalist, and arrive at markedly unique solutions.  Our aim is to produce environments that enhance their surroundings, complement our clients' lifestyles, awaken the imagination and respond to an articulated financial plan.  

We are landscape construction and design firm that combines a high level of artistic design which is driven by architectural context. Residential design is the core of our work but our design principles extend to our commercial and public commissions. We seek inspiration from the past and are guided by aspects of traditional design but we are acutely aware of clients who have a need for a more modern aesthetic. Architecture is the most vital of the arts and we always strive to compliment it with appropriate designs, structures and plantings.




Outerspaces Inc.  75 Temple Rd Glen Mills, PA.  19342     610-558-5666                                      

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