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Since 1990 Outerspaces has been providing design and construction services to a discerning clientele. The founders, Robert and David Nonemaker, created Outerspaces to provide a level of professionalism and vision of possibilities that was not available. 


With individuals educated in landscape architecture, horticulture, construction management, water feature design, and engineering the firm has never stopped seeking out better practices, technology, and understanding. The learning and improvement process is never ending. 


Outerspaces currently employs designers, engineers, construction managers, logistic experts and a highly skilled group of craftsmen with expertise in nearly every trade . We currently construct projects throughout the mid-Atlantic region and provide project design and construction consulting services throughout North America and the Caribbean. 


We are stimulated by the challenge of harmonizing the landscape with architecture.  Projects vary in style and size, but our work is characterized by strong geometry, bold structural forms and clean symmetry. We work closely with architects and Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, engineers, and consultants so that we can take a holistic approach to all projects from the initial design through the installation. Our complete approach to projects Design, Construction, and  Craftsmanship insure that our clients receive an innovative, detailed design that meets their programmatic needs. 

The Principles that Guide Us in the Art of Design and Construction

Outerspaces Inc.  75 Temple Rd Glen Mills, PA.  19342     610-558-5666                                                   

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