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Outdoor Structure  Design


Beautiful landscape designs must also be functional, architecturally appropriate, and be able to meet the client's long term goals. To do this we recommend following the following steps to this process. 


1. Initial discussion with regards to needs, budget, long term and short term goals, time lines, tastes, architecture, experiences, and family. 

2. Site visit to further discuss above items and to gather information with regards to the site, and existing elements. At this point we open a broad conceptual discussion about what would make you happy both functionally and aesthetically as well as  what might bother you about your current condition.  

3. Initial conceptual design shown using flat plans and perspective drawings and 3D modeling. Presentation Feed back and further discussion. 

4. Concept revision and preliminary budgets, presentation and further conversation. 

5. Discussion about plant species, plant habits, and effects. 

6. The decision to enter into a design contract which would then engage our services and allow us to gather information that could be used for the creation of permit drawings, final pricing, engineering, and detailed layouts perspectives, creation of planting lists and special designs. 

7. Drawing and design creation process with further discussion and presentations as needed.  

8. Nursery visit and plant selection process followed by availability sourcing. 

9. Materials selection, with particular attention to visual impact, price, longevity, maintenance issues, color theory, texture, and thermal characteristics. 

10. Contract pricing and revision.  

11. Furniture and furnishing selection 

12. Construction contract creation and Permitting.

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